$5 Classifieds!

The money that is received for classifieds goes into advertising the website which brings more attention to local artists. When you hear an ad on the radio or even see an ad on Facebook, you will have helped pay for that. You are a supporter of the local music scene; a contributor who brings attention to artists and bands in the area who might otherwise virtually be unknown.

Are you a musician looking for other musicians to start a band? Are you an artist looking for studio work? Do you teach an instrument? Are you a band or DJ looking to play parties or weddings?

Want to be seen by the best musicians in Knoxville? Why not create an ad right here on Knoxvillemusicians.com? Not only will it be advertised right here on the website but we will also promote it on our Facebook page! Yes, we know there are other websites such as Craigslist that let you post classifieds for free but let's face it, sites like that are filled with flaky people who aren't that serious. Knoxvillemusicians.com is for real musicians who are serious about their craft.

To place an ad, simply type in the ad below and send it to us! Once your ad is reviewed and approved of, we will send you a Paypal invoice, and then your ad will be on the site shortly after!

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