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Zack Barnes

Genre: Rock/Metal/Punk/Industrial

Singer/songwriter and guitarist

Band: Applaud the Rock Star

Stage name:Nails

Owner/manager of

Badass and Sexy af

Knoxville band, Applaud the Rock Star, blends hard rock and metal with an industrial vibe, like a T-Rex in a goth band. Influences include the sneer of Alice Cooper, the looped percussion of “Cyberpunk”-era Billy Idol, the catcalling of Faster Pussycat’s Taime Downe, and the dark crooning of Danzig. 
Applaud the Rock Star has gained an exceptionally loyal and rapidly growing fan base since 2015 with consistent touring, a solid memorable live performance, and a DIY connection with the fans. The band's live set is an interactive fan-friendly experience that's both heavy & sinister and sweet & vulnerable. Their darkly-humored, intense, sometimes quirky and theatrical rock and roll captures the hearts of metal, rock, goth and punk fans of all ages, night after night.

Raw, wild, dripping with sex!These are just a few things that come to mind when you hear Applaud the Rock Star! "Well if you see the train comin' stare it down until it derails" sings Nailz, the bad boy lead singer and guitarist of this wild three piece. High pitched wailing vocals that would make Axl Rose stop in his tracks and wild guitar solos that will make your face melt. Applaud the Rock Star reminds us that it's okay for modern rock musicians to have fun and that it's equally okay to get a little dirty every now and then!

Zack Barnes will also be touring with Lindsy Says this summer, filling in on guitar.

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