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Hugh Allen Country

Contact: Facebook @HughAllenCountry

Hugh Allen was born in Miami, FL and raised in NC from the age of 3, with country music always being a part of his life. He was a “rebellious” teen and always considered himself a “black sheep or renegade.” At the age of 18, Hugh took an interest in karaoke and was revered by many. In 1998, Hugh moved to Chattanooga, and decided to pursue a career in the trucking industry in 2001. In 2010, he sought interest in playing and singing again where he joined a band playing in a church. At this time he had written his first song “Lonely Travellin’ Man". Since then, he has been taken notice of by many producers and managers in the industry. Hugh is a talented and well versed singer/songwriter, having written all of the originals that he performs today.